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10 minute suitability consultation- Free 

A free personal consultation is provided in order to help you decide whether Cognitive Behaviour Therapy  
(CBT) is right for you and to answer any questions which you may have. There is no obligation to commence therapy with this.

Initial Assessment- £60 (College/ Uni student or 1st Year Graduate if you're paying fees yourself: £45)

At the initial assessment your current issues, background history will be explored, this will help to establish the focus of therapy. Initial consultations tend to last for 60 minutes.

Treatment appointment- £60 (College/ Uni student or 1st Year Graduate if you're paying fees yourself: £45)

Treatment appointments include a review of your week and any successes or problems which you might have experienced.  During the session work will take place in order to resolve any difficulties and build progress. Following each treatment session bespoke practice exercises will be provided which will enable you to continue making progress between each session.  Therapy works best when delivered on a weekly basis as this helps to keep momentum going, however fortnightly sessions have shown to be effective.

Payment is taken at the end of each session by cash or bank transfer.

The service is recognised by  AXA-PPP, Cigna and Aviva health insurance providers. Please check the details of your policy regarding the referral process as well as the level of your cover and any policy excess applied. Membership details and any authorisation numbers will be required in order to for the relevant provider to be invoiced directly.

Therapy through health insurance providers is charged at £80 per session in order to account for invoice delays and admin charges. 

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